fun with slave

Mistress Herrin Yasmine makes fun with her slave. Slave 113 wants to dominated in latex. He asked for a hard session, which was great fun for Mistress Herrin Yasmine.

On the way to Antwerp I already had contact with Mistress Yasmine. “I was given the address where I had to report. After parking the car, it was only a few minutes to the luxury apartment. I took the lift to the top, where the door was opened by an English speaking lady. Young, beautiful and she told me to walk through.
When I entered the room, I saw her. Wow, what a strerke, beautiful lady on high heels and wearing a beautiful black dress.
“Come in slave…”

Quickly I knelt in front of Mistress Yasmine and greeted her, as she had taught me to do. After the greeting she handed me a pile of clothes and instructed me to get dressed and wait on the floor in the shower.

A little while later, I was picked up by the now sexy dressed young lady, who turned out to be an apprentice mistress.

Mistress Yasmine was waiting for me in the luxurious room full of SM attributes and equipment. When she approached me, she ordered me to stop and I received an unexpectedly hard kick in my balls. Ahh what a pain, lying on the floor, moaning, she pulled me by my hair and looked at me. “Follow me rod… crawling I went after her.

My fate lay in the hands of this wonderful Mistress….